Paraffin Hand Treatments- Relief For Hard Working Hands

by admin October 31 2021
Paraffin Hand Treatments- Relief For Hard Working Hands

No other body part works as hard for you or takes as much abuse as your hands. They are right there in the middle of everything you do. Is it any wonder that they sometimes get sore and achy? Not to mention how easily they can become dry and chapped when cooler weather sets in. If this describes your poor hard-working hands, we have a treatment that can provide relief and give your hands the tender loving care they deserve- a hand paraffin treatment.

What is a Paraffin Treatment?

Although some have never heard of it, paraffin wax has likely been a part of your life all along without you even knowing it. Paraffin is a colorless wax derived from oil refining, which is the same process that brings us mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Paraffin wax is a common ingredient in many beauty and skincare products where it’s used for its natural emollient properties. Paraffin also finds many uses in massage therapy, food products, and has several medical applications.

How does it work?

For this treatment, the wax is heated to a warm but comfortable temperature. Your hands are then dipped in the wax. Its warmth stimulates blood flow, soothes and relaxes sore muscles, and eases stiffness in the joints. The wax forms a shell as it cools and hardens to trap heat in and drive it down into the tissues where it is needed. The warmth of the wax also opens the pores in your skin allowing it to penetrate deeply into the skin where it can more effectively moisturize. Dead skin cells on the surface are softened and exfoliated as the wax is removed at the end of the treatment, leaving behind softer, more supple skin than you’ve ever had.

Is Paraffin safe?

Yes! It’s been around a lot longer than you may think. Paraffin was first developed in the early 1800s. Since that time it has shown up in foods, medicine, makeup, beauty products, and more, giving it a well-established history of safety. Unlike some other waxes, paraffin easily melts at 99°F meaning there are no high temperatures needed and no risk for burns. It’s a gentle, soothing heat. As safe as it is, there are a couple of things to be aware of. If you have open wounds or cuts on your hands you should wait until they are healed before having a paraffin treatment, and those with extremely sensitive skin could rarely experience a slight heat rash for a short time following the treatment.

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